ABOV Headwear is a top of the line headwear company from North Carolina. Custom Made Caps, Hats, Beanies, Visor Hats, Bucket Hats...everything under one brand.







Custom Hats  for those looking to make a statement in life, looking to differentiate themselves from the rest.
ABOV is an attitude, is a mentality, it's to go above and beyond any challenges that life throws at you. #TheAbovMentality


ABOV it’s a top of the line headwear brand with the perfect mix of Style, Looks and Comfort.


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Born 1975 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since then my love for headwear has been present.

I'm currently based on Apex, NC. I've been here for the last 6 years of my life. Being in North Carolina, having a stability, an amazing daughter and wife has given me the opportunity and motivation to give life to this special project.

Sometimes life gets very complicated, day to day responsibilities, work, family, life expectations to fulfill. This is a reality we all face but it's part of the process. These things could make our plans and dreams a little harder to achieve but are also the things that will help you get where you want, the things that fuels you to come up with the best of yourself.

It was time, it is time to THINK ABOV, TO BE ABOV.


Humberto Sanchez
ABOV Headwear